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re: Oh, interesting! I wrote one using GatsbyJS and I love it! It's relatively recent though, so maybe it'll be hard to maintain

I wrote mine years ago in C#/ASP.Net using a custom data layer and SQL Server, then I moved it to use Entity Framework, then I moved it to ASP.Net MVC, then I moved it to Azure, then I moved it to AWS, then I added better image support, then I added commenting, then I developed my own Captcha, then I added the Word Press API to make it Open Live Writer compatible, then I added the Blogger ATOM API, then I added jQuery, then I thought the web admin interface needed an over hall, then I wrote a web wysiwyg HTML editor, then I redesigned the look and feel using CSS, then I thought LESS would be good, then I made it Angular, then I thought SASS would be good, then I added a CDN, then I changed to React, and then I had kids.

Seriously the project is never ending.

Haha too funny, I have it so I can just write markdown in my text editor and then run a script that transpiles it to HTML and then deploys it!

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