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Hi Molly

Thanks for sharing. I never talk about this except with family and a few friends but this is my own experience.

When I was in high school I used to play soccer ocasionally but didn't follow a healthy diet, so I gained weight really fast. I'm 165 cm tall and by the end of high school I weighed 84 kilos.

There's a history of diabetes in my family so I'm more susceptible to it. That's why I started working out on a regular basis when started the university. During the first semester of university I went to the nutritionist who recommended me a healthy diet, used to practiced taekwondo and went to the gym three times a week. In six months I got to my ideal weight, lost 24 kilos, and continue working out on a regular basis and eating healthy during the rest of the university.

During the following years I left working out and forgot about eating healthy and as a consequence I gained 10 kilos. So I realized that I needed to be serious about my health again.

Two years I ago I started eating healthy again, I left drinking coffee, soda and any kind of canned / bottled drinks. I drink water most of the time and also fruit juices or any drink (prepared with fruit) without sugar. I started working out a few minutes per day, three times a week.

This year I started working out on a daily basis, at home, 30 minutes during the first months and an hour daily since the last month. I don't have a specific time for it, sometimes in the morning or before sleeping.

I have a pair of dumbbells (6 kilos each), a barbell (22 kilos, sometimes I train with 10, 16 or 22 kilos). I combine it with squats, abs and other basic exercises, and some yoga. Planning to buy a boxing bag and starting to go for a run on weekends.

I avoid using public transportation whenever is possible and prefer to walk when I have to go anywhere in the city. On the busiest days I walk 8 to 10 kilometers.

Something that I agree with is getting a reward after working out. Once a week or once a month I go to a coffee shop and buy a frappe and a cheesecake. I eat pizza, tacos or any other similar food occasionally, specially when traveling, and I like to try different kinds of typical food.

It hasn't been easy but now it's part of my routine and I always have in mind that no one would take care of my health than me. These days I weigh 57 kilos. I have more energy during the day and I'm in good health (according to my last medical exam).


Thank you for sharing your journey, Mario! Sounds like it has not been easy but I am glad you are in a good place now 😊

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