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Discussion on: [Feedback Welcome] Introducing Safe Stream: giving content consumers a safe choice before they click play.

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Matt Smithies Author

Ami, thank you for replying, some of my closest family members have experienced PTSD and I've experienced first hand how dangerous unvetted content on sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix can be.

I've spent years searching on sites, blogs, including IMDB, Common Sense Media, and Kids in Mind to vet that content that is safe. I don't think it is fair that we as consumers should have to do that.

What I've found that in many cases different sites have different biases, sometimes particular guidance is missing and research needs to be conducted on different sites just to get a clear understanding of issues.

In many cases context is key, and that can be overlooked. Something that implies an issue implicitly can sometimes be as dangerous as an explicit display.

This is the problem I am trying to solve, help those that have been through trauma a simple way to protect themselves, and make a safe choice.

Once again thank you for the comment.