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Matt Smithies
Matt Smithies

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[Feedback Welcome] Introducing Safe Stream: giving content consumers a safe choice before they click play.

Check it out here.

You can also read the documentation and get started using the API.

I built a "Tech for good" MVP SaaS in less than 10 days, including the main landing page, API (that anyone can access right now), dashboard with authentication, documentation, a basic automated deployment process, and request tracking.

My eventual goal is to pitch this API to streaming businesses to display this information to their consumer before they click play. I'll be creating client SDKs and demos around the API too as well as simple ML models.

We have content guidance review for over 20k movies and TV shows, and over 55k comments that describe the graphic and mature content.

If you are a developer, with time on your hands I highly encourage you to solve a problem that has affected you and get building.

That would be one of the best ways for developers looking to build their portfolios and experience, and if it is good enough it could have the potential to be sustainable.

Please note, I also work in 2 roles as an IT contractor for a Blockchain company and Lead/Solo Developer for an Edtech company.

Happy to answer any questions on the stack I use and the money I spend to handle this project and my personal tech stack.

Thank you for reading.

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Ami Scott (they/them)

This is really great! I have PTSD and a few specific triggers I've worked on a lot with my therapists and it's incredibly important for me to try to avoid those triggers when I'm not in a stable enough state of mind to use my coping methods. Unfortunately one is really common in a lot of media and so it's hard to even sit down and watch Netflix to relax at night without checking blogs that make lists of warnings.

It makes me really happy to see people working on solutions for problems like this!

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Matt Smithies

Ami, thank you for replying, some of my closest family members have experienced PTSD and I've experienced first hand how dangerous unvetted content on sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix can be.

I've spent years searching on sites, blogs, including IMDB, Common Sense Media, and Kids in Mind to vet that content that is safe. I don't think it is fair that we as consumers should have to do that.

What I've found that in many cases different sites have different biases, sometimes particular guidance is missing and research needs to be conducted on different sites just to get a clear understanding of issues.

In many cases context is key, and that can be overlooked. Something that implies an issue implicitly can sometimes be as dangerous as an explicit display.

This is the problem I am trying to solve, help those that have been through trauma a simple way to protect themselves, and make a safe choice.

Once again thank you for the comment.