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Great post! One thing that is relevant to the discussion around how close to a native experience Ionic or React Native can get is that Ionic and Capacitor also uses a lot of native UI and enables direct access to native functionality. It also means you can and likely will run native code alongside your app, so the line is pretty blurry. While a lot of your app will indeed run in the WebView, it's been a key design consideration that dropping down to native code or mixing in native views is really easy in Capacitor.

That also means it is and should be easy to find any old CocoaPod, write a tiny wrapper around it, and expose it to your web app, thus creating a sort of "new Web API" your app can interact with. More on that.

We've also had a lot of people want to mix in Ionic/Capacitor with their React Native apps. Maybe they have a web team they want to enable to build out screens, or they just think it's faster to build and design a web screen, but I think we'll see them start to be used together in interesting ways. That reminds me, this calls for a page in the Capacitor docs!

Anyways, for those curious about how far the web has come for UI and animations, take a look at a preview of a drawer component we will be rolling out soon:

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