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Max Lynch

Co-creator of Ionic Framework. Creator of Capacitor. Programmer turned startup CEO

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CEO at Ionic

What is it about Vue?

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5 min read

Pullstate - Simple hooks-based state management for React

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3 min read

HIPAA Compliant Mobile Apps With Ionic

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4 min read

Saying Goodbye to PhoneGap

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4 min read

Common Biometric Authentication Security Mistakes

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3 min read

PhoneGap Build Shutting Down? Try Appflow!

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2 min read

Appflow: not just another CI/CD Service

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6 min read

The Modern Hybrid App Developer

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6 min read

How the Ionic community is responding to the COVID-19 crisis

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4 min read

How Capacitor Works

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1 min read

The No-Code Tragedy

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3 min read

Ionic’s 2019: A Year in Review

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4 min read

Forget Mobile First, Progressive Web App First is the Future

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8 min read

Announcing Ionic React

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11 min read

Apple Just Shipped Web Components to Production and You Probably Missed It

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3 min read

Why We Use Web Components

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11 min read

Using React Hooks in Ionic React

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13 min read

Develop 99% of your Ionic app in the browser with Capacitor

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3 min read

A state management pattern for Ionic React with React Hooks

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5 min read

Announcing Capacitor 1.0

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8 min read