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Introducing... My New Site! ✨

Hey George your website looks so nice and cool. GL man.

Supercharge Your Website Using PWA: Installable Website

What a great site!

SOA vs Microservices

Thanks, you nailed it!

Want To Get Hired? - Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Helpful article about networking! Thank you.

January 29th, 2021: What did you learn this week?

I'm finally launching my fav project have been working recent...

How to create a scalable vue.js setup (Part I)

Very well written.

The best web accessibility tools for developers in 2021

Cool tools! Thank you.

Typescript: How I passed from find it useless to love it

Good article Cheers to your girl friend!

Introducing Artisan Remote

Sounds so exciting! But a laravel application without ssh acc...

Easy way to Generate and Validate OTP in the Laravel

Love it

Giving back to open source community!

Thank you!

8 neat Javascript tricks you didn't know in 4 minutes.


How to make the internet a safer place as a developer

Amazing and very important article to consider especially for...

How to Write Asynchronous JavaScript Code in Three Ways


Suggest me the right Linux distro

I would like to know more about that mac os big sur theme bud...

What's new in PHP 8

Good work! Thank you.

I've joined Microsoft as an Azure Technical Trainer 🗺️ 😍

Good luck for the next part of your journey!

Memory Life cycle, Heap, Stack and Call Stack in JavaScript

That was a huge informative topic, thank you!

Thoughts of a "Senior Developer"

Exactly, that's what I'm saying...

Thoughts of a "Senior Developer"

About the behavior I'm totally with you. But sometimes senio...

Software Architecture - Five Common Design Principles

Always enjoy developing software and use right principles for...

The power of advanced typing in Typescript

That sounds great. Thanks for your efforts

The power of advanced typing in Typescript

it's too complex isn't it?!

Techies in Nigeria Are Not Safe Again In The Hands of the Government

Our best wishes are with you, keep going strong man

GitLab has Blocked Iran!

Not fair at all. But this is how most of the websites due to...

Learn From The Pros! DevOps Round-Up

Thank you for gathering these helpful feedbacks!

Back-end Developers RoadMap❤

The one who knows all of these concepts and has these knowled...

How the Web Works (for Front End Devs)

It could contain more detailed content what so ever thanks fo...

Best design 🎨 resources websites every developer 💻 should bookmark🔖

Wow! amazing resources. Thank you.

10+ Reasons To Date a JS DEVELOPER ;-)

Haha that's a good one 16

Are good software engineers Pessimists?

That's true... Most of the time either we stay positive all ...

Learn Docker - from the beginning, part I images and containers

Thanks for the amazing article! for stoppping/removing all a...

What was your win this week?

nice! Keep me notfied!

What was your win this week?

is it open source? ;))

One line - Dark Mode using CSS

Fantastic! I shared it on my twitter account (putting credit...

Technical Writing Tips for Non-Native English Speakers

If you don't mind please check one of my articles and give so...

Laravel GraphQL demo app

Thank you! I will try

Laravel GraphQL demo app

I have problem installing soap cli extension using laradock a...

VS Code Shortcuts That I Would Teach Myself if I Had a Time Machine With Limited Fuel


VS Code Shortcuts That I Would Teach Myself if I Had a Time Machine With Limited Fuel

So creative and perfect article! Thank you for sharing it. ...

How do you stay motivated with your side projects?

Nowadays I can't really live productively without using trell...

10 Ways Developers Can Invest Time Instead of Wasting it

Thank you IIona! The most important one is saying no to ever...

Let's Pair during a Live Coding Session!

I'm in😎

The Importance of Financial Independence For Software Developers

So impressive post, actually what I was looking for! We deve...

How are you dealing with quarantine?

Surely hard times we are facing all. But never let your ment...

Git for solo developers

Your question should be "why you don't use git for your proje...

Event Bubbling and Event Capturing in Javascript

Great article! Also consider times when we only want child e...

My first laravel + vue App

Good job! Keep going there

Best Operating System for Programming

take the main point bro, we all know that's a kernel and we c...

Why Should You Become A Freelancer ..

Very insightful article about freelancering but if you are in...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Build at least 50 successful projects and besides that one co...

I Switched To Web Development

Fascinating story! Good luck buddy.

Day 0: Welcome To My Blog

Inspiring article! I hope you enjoy through your journey. Ha...

Database Design Tutorial for Beginners

Great article! Not only great for django, also it's beneficia...

What is your top tool that most devs would be surprised you use regularly?

Love it!!

My First Post 🎉

Good journey Alex, looking for more stories indeed!

Math's Issues of Computer_Science(CS/SE) Students

Depends on the purpose you have, for ordinary developers th...

Setting up Cron jobs to run bash scripts

Great article. Well I am a little bit confused of how exactl...

JavaScript Primitive vs Reference Types

Well explained.

The Complete Guide to Personal Organization - Part 1

Yeah agree!

The Complete Guide to Personal Organization - Part 1

Great article! But First you say, consider everything as a ...

Stay At Home Be Safe


My 2 cents for beginners working remotely

It was briliant article, and I am sure will help me to mana...

Don't suffer quarantine, be better because of it.

That's kind of you

Don't suffer quarantine, be better because of it.

Thank you it was amaaaaaazing! Well my goal is to sharpen ...

How you manage your time when you work remote?

Well, you are right but sometimes it does not work as we ar...

How you manage your time when you work remote?

Great hints! Thank you

Loneliness in tech

Great article but expected to see more details and some use...

I built an AI Tool to detect your facial expressions while you watch a video!

It sounds so interesting, it's a huge progress for companie...

On using arrow functions in PHP 7.4

Great article, thank you!

10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Meetups and Conferences

I usually before meetups write down the most important subj...

Reimagining virtual team collaboration

Sounds briliant!

Stackoverflow Survey Thoughts

Thank you man

How to create a Gatsby.js transformer plugin

Efficient article thank you. Could you tell me why you cho...

12 Ways to Keep Up With the Software Engineering Trends

detailed and outstanding article, thank you very much. I c...

🌏 I made my website with Gatsby!

Congrats! I did the same using gtasby

My VS Code Setup

Very insightful article but overusing extensions may not be...

How to Write a Great Technical Blog Post

Thank you that was so helpful!

Ubuntu Terminal in CSS

Good job!

Does your background make your work unique?

I think you should have had picked the front-end field, as yo...

Wanna start using Linux? Here is a distro you should try.

Thank you for your clear explanation Lazar! peace.

💨Super Quick CSS: Smooth Scrolling

That was nice, thank you!

5 Leadership Skills for Your Development Project that I learned watching Eliud Kipchoge run

Well, it's not only about leadership, the team is vital too...

How do you handle unproductive days at work?

That's so trueeeeee

9 Evil Bash Commands Explained

Thank you for sharing horrible commands we should take care...

VS Code Shortcuts for code newbies [mac/windows][GIF]

In windows it was ctrl + d I think

How (and what) is it to be an independent developer?

self-discipline is so vital for developers, never ever go wit...

Next.js, Expo, and React Native for Web! 🤩

That seems exciting, thank you for introducing.

10 Telegram channels with remote job📢

All russian, kidding me?

Understanding MVC-Services for Frontend: VanillaJS

Awesome, thank you

7 things to keep in mind during your initial days in Software Development.

Specific and detailed article, thank you though!

What I Look for During an Interview

I remember a interviewer was constantly asking questions th...

Creating a simple report in Laravel

Awesome, thank you for sharing this, there's a lot to learn

Complete Production Grade Restaurant Billing App built in React NextJS GraphQL

Hey, my I ask your vs theme?

What was your win this week?

My win was to know myself better and keep moving even when ...

Interview with Taylor Otwell: 6 Lessons Learned From Creating Laravel

Thanks for sharing this great talk!

How To Boost Your Productivity & Get Sh*t Done

Awesome article, continue this great work Emma!

How to develop self-discipline as programmers

Thank you Lewis, I'm glad that you like it😉


Very inspiring article thank you!

5 Reasons Testing Code Is Great

Thank you for the good article, now I am more convinced to ...

May today be the day you enjoy life and your code.

Hello, thank you for the positive words and my best wishes ...

Lessons learnt from building and deploying a portfolio website

Hello that was pretty nice experience. I have a question an...

The Art of Project Management - part 1

I read the whole article, not only I enjoyed a lot, but als...

5 Ways To Easily Validate Your Idea Before Its Too Late

Hello, your article is so insightful and realy helped me. ...

Three Arguments for Why You Should Write More

Thank you Marek! Any tips or resources for writing better?

Transform your habits into productivity routine ⌚️ + 💻 = 💪

This is so true, when we help other people and cooperate op...

Is this a €1.000,00 worth Node script?

Nice try buddy :))

Frontend Development Series

Hey Dilion that's great and that would be amazing if you ex...

3 Reasons to Be and Stay Lazy

Partially true, but it will be a real problem in the future...

Text to speech in the browser with the Web Speech API

Sounds gripping! Will take the time to work on it...

The ONE book every developer MUST read!

good recommendation and I am definitely gonna read this boo...

50 Things I Wish I'd Known at My First Developer Job (Part 1)

hello Jacob, thank you for sharing your experience, can you...

7 Tips to boost your productivity as a web developer 🚀

Thank you!

Tips For Validating HTML Form Inputs


How working out has influenced me as a developer

As soon as I walk and exercise (keeping myself away for hou...

My 5 Favorite Software Design Principles 

Very specific and out-standing, thank you. I'm on my way le...

The Noob CMS: What we will create in this series?

The whole project sounds interesting, I'm excited to see th...

Top 5 tips to be a better programmer without programming!

thank you!

About Pair Programming

it's very difficult at first time as you said but I think i...

5 Visual Studio Code Tricks to Boost Your Productivity

thanks. it was so handy tricks for a good life :))

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in a Trusted Environment

Thank you for this bewildering article, comfortzone kills o...

How to be a web developer in 7 steps - What to learn and where to start?

Very comprehensive however could be much better with intrud...

The code is a story

Cool I like the way you read code... Happy coding

Ways to make money as a developer


I'm a web developer who turned a learning side project into his 😍-looking portfolio website. Ask me anything!

That's great man keep going and just enjoy.I see some respo...

4 Ways You Can “Level Up” As A Developer

great and considerable tips thank you!

More accurate the type, better the code

That was insightful thank you sikora!

Debugging - you’re doing it wrong. 10 techniques to find a bug in your code

Thanks man that was excellent article about debugging!

5 must-do security tips for developers

Thanks for the article keep writing!

Do you want to be a Top Developer? You Must Build Things! - 7 Apps to Build

that was a huge inspiration thanks a lot!

I designed and coded a cross-platform app by myself!

Amazing just keep going

Becoming an 18 Year Old Software Developer

Keep the good work Mykolas! Never stop!!

Ultimate & Short Guide to Stop Procrastinating

Thank you!

What's your greatest software development skill?

Solving solutions and writing complex and clean programs ho...

What are your top ten command lines?

Ls .. Code . Cd d:\ Npm version "1.0.0" Git status Git comm...

Write Code That Writes Code

That is so true we need to foresee the future and make thim...

Building A Killer Personal Brand

Well explained

The Art of Programming

Everyone can learn programming but you need to be so passio...

A Starting Point for Writing Technical Blog Posts

Researching a lot about the subject you are going to write ...

UX Engineering

Emma does

Working in pressure situation is bad at all?

That was awesome thank you