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Because You Are a Woman

"[...], that is why you got that job."

He told me that I got my job as a software engineering intern because I am a woman, and that my classmate (who attended the same bootcamp as me) got his job because he is smart. I got very angry. Not because he was so illogical and bigoted, but because it's not true. And I bet, it isn't true for any woman reading this.

"Él ya no se puede cuidar solo [He can no longer take care of himself]"

I code because I am someone's daughter. Because my father is succumbing to dementia and has no assets or little external aid. Because as I succeed, as I struggle, his struggles will be diminished. His sacrifices to us will be, not repaid, but honored.

"There is curiosity that you can't fake"

I code because I am a student. I love to learn and explore and awaken to new ways of seeing the world and the problems in it.

"We are happy to have you! Thanks for returning to aid our Tech Divas"

I code because I am a helper. I like to share what I learn with others, bring them up and encourage them. Like my mentor, Vanessa, said to me, "Never close the door behind you."

"proud of you! always good to build a thing to know how it works (="

I code because I am loved. Each and every friend who encouraged me, each and every mentor who empowered me, helped me be a woman who nevertheless, she codes.

My advice for other women and non-binary folks who code is...

to never let your struggles define you. You are not the woman who weeps, the woman who hurts or hungers, they who are in pain... You are powerful because of those struggles, you are transformed and unbeatable.

And some advice for those getting started

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