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Discussion on: How to move forward and backward between commits in git

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Michael • Edited

Thanks for sharing.

I will look at using --all. I usually use the branch references as below. and the order doesn't matter and more branch names could be added.

git log master my-feat

It doesn't matter which one is latest, they will both show. This is useful if I am on my-feat and it is behind master and want to see commits on master and the feat.

That also works with two feat branch names. Or say master 1.2.0 for comparing tags. Especially if I accidentally tagged a feature branch so the tag doesn't show up on master.

If your master is behind the remote and you have you git fetch then you can also compare local master with remote

git log master origin/master

Note you use online instead of oneline in the first block so needs to be fixed.

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If you want to be more precise you can use relative references

Start the log as if we were 5 commits behind.

git log HEAD~5

And you can check it out or reset.

git reset HEAD~5
git checkout HEAD~10

And reference future commits when you go back like that.

git log HEAD^10