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Sorry things are a bit blurry here. Also, not a dev, though I work with DEV so figured that's close enough!

Anyway, here's what I'm working with.

And the zoomed in view, so you can see what a disaster my desk is.

Lots of cat related stuff in case you didn't notice. 😸


Haha that's fine I appreciate you posting. Spotted the DEV hat and the cat wall arts. Nice and clean setup!!!


Thank you! And yep, those are paintings of our cats who passed away... the best kitties ever. My wife actually painted those. 👩‍🎨


Isn't it funny how a hard wooden chair can actually be really comfortable?


Haha indeed! It mostly is comfy... but I just need remember not to sit to one side. And the long hours can get to me after a bit, but that's probably just sitting for too long in general.

To be honest, I've got my eyes on one of these - . I want to test it out, but will probably have to order it and just see.

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