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Discussion on: How I lost 1 year of life doing failed crypto startup

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Michał Męciński

Great story, and I can totally relate. I spent a few years building a startup with a few colleagues, luckily we didn't quit our jobs, but we talked a lot about it.

I think that the main problem is when you think that you can build a great product because you have the necessary technical skills, and then you "just" have to find some business partner who sees how great it is and is willing to invest money, find customers and do the rest of the boring work, while you can focus on coding. Unfortunately it never works like that and we learned this the hard way too. In order for your startup to be successful you would have to stop being a rebel and start wearing a tie; I personally think it's not worth it :).

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Przemysław Thomann Author

Thanks! A lot of smart thoughts. Definitely business is muuuch more than most (especially DEVs) think. In fact most technical people, programmers don't really know how the software business work. They can code but mostly have no idea how much work is required to sell this code (especially the product). Also if anyone likes to code - they have tendency to never-ending polishing the project - like me. It's completely not the way it should look like.

About the tie - I think now the success for me would be to find the balance and succeed. To do what I like but not the things against myself.