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Discussion on: đŸ“ˆ I've open-sourced a simple Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard (React + Chart.js + BootstrapTable)

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Mike Borozdin

I like your vision - country comparison is something I wanted to build, as well.

Why no JSX though?

I quickly had a look at the code because I was considering contributing a few features. But I wonder if the slightly unusual approach (no JSX) will put people off.

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Oleksii Trekhleb Author

That's a good point! I like JSX and for "long-term", "big team", "complex" project would definitely go with JSX rather than with plain JS. The reason why I chose a plain JS at first is because I wanted the dashboard source-code to be dead-simple (one HTML file, one JS file and no NPM and compilers). But yeah, for now, while adding a new features I have some doubts about plain JS. But with current dashboard complexity I believe it is still bearable.