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Discussion on: The hidden cost of “don’t reinvent the wheel”

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Mike Pendon (Zym)

I am also an author, but it is an ORM for .NET to intentionally improve-much the existing wheel Dapper. I heard a lot from my network that instead of reinventing it, why not contribute it there?

Do not reinvent the wheel.

Well, I am against to that phrase as also. We must improve (not reinvent) if we think we can deliver the 8 out of 10 features on top of the existing one, and if that would somehow increase much the productivities and the lives of many developers. A friend of mine said, if you are writing additional 2 features to make the 8 a 10, then do not reinvent it (instead contribute it).

My reason to this (like yours) is to solve and improve the wheel, not reinventing it.

I am amazed to all the authors like you who bravely spent time improving the existing wheels, you all have my respects!

Just continue with it, and people will realize the solutions you are bringing.

Let us get off together from our comfort zone.