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Empowering MySQL DB Access with MySqlConnector + RepoDb

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5 min read

Practical Reason why choose an ORM over raw ADO.NET

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Welcome to RepoDb.NET

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RepoDb remains as the most-fastest and most-efficient ORM in .NET Core Ecosystem (v3.1)

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C#: Bulk Operations for .NET Core (BulkDelete, BulkInsert, BulkMerge, BulkUpdate) is now very simple with RepoDb ORM

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6 min read

C#: What will make you choose RepoDb over Dapper (ORM)

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C#: Simplify your Property Transformation with RepoDb ORM

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C#: Data Access Batch Execution is now very simple with RepoDb ORM

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Increasing C# data access performance by 90% using RepoDb 2nd-Level Cache

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Creating a C# Repository in .NET Core using RepoDb

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Happy New Year Everyone!

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