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Siddarth Iyer Author

I don't think we're anywhere near a worldwide shift in password practices -- in fact, a lot of security experts seem to think that the whole concept of passwords itself is an exercise in futility, and attempts are being made to move to passwordless mechanisms. But I choose to think of it this way: a bunch of people have read this article, and possibly other articles like this one. Some of them'll share it with others, and the network of informed folks will expand. I wrote the article primarily for a couple of friends who wanted to understand why using a password manager is the only practical choice. Now they know (and one of them was the guy who suggested Bitwarden to me), and they'll likely tell their friends. It might not be a massive impact against poor password security, but it's definitely a net positive 😊.

Your paper looks really interesting, by the way. I'll take some time out later today to go through it. Thanks for sharing 😁

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It is an exercise in futility which we must continue to fight, no matter how sad the state of the world :-) "password" is still probably one of the more popular passwords, along with "qwerty". At least now we have 2FA, which helps a lot!