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Discussion on: VanillaJS or Frameworks/Libraries (React)?

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Martin Jablečník • Edited on

My opinion is that VanillaJS is good only for some easy simple projects like personal pages, blogs or simple forms.
But if you are developing some bigger web application which is not so simple, so framework is more fit for this usage and for companies more effective.
And this is evolution during last 10 years of web frontend development.

Future in web development will be probably frameworks like Angular, React or Vue with TypeScript. And VanillaJS will be used only for learning basics of young developers.
And for blogs, personal pages or simple web apps will be used maybe some tools like Svelte which are still pretty simple like VanillaJS..

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Thank you...This Makes sense.☺️🙏

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Duzmath Lajos Author

These thoughts are really reasonable. You really convinced me to move towards frameworks :D
Thanks for your kind answer!
Have a nice one!

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I woul like to provide a counterargument to this. I'm actually rewriting a dashboard made in Preact to just JS with CustomElements (which is part of the standard). It is so much less boilerplate and so much more control. I had my share of React in very complex projects and we ended up writing components like video player in plain old JS and wrapping them in React components.