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Discussion on: Web-App using HTML, JS & Firebase - Part 1

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MartinJ • Edited

Hi Sooraj, Google seems to have changed a few things since you posted this excellent tutorial. For example, the Firebase console is now worded differently in one or two places.

I think I found my way through this OK, but I'm currently stuck on finding sources for the Firebase scripts.

The source you quote: "" currently throws a 404.

Google's docs instruct me to use "/__/firebase/8.7.1/firebase-app.js" but this is using an auto-configuration scheme that just isn't working for me.

I managed to find replacements at "" and

But then the Firebase.initializeApp fails, telling me that Firebase is undefined.

Going back to Firebase docs, it seems I now also need a


However, I've not been able to find a replacement for this. I probably need to get to the bottom of this auto-configuration arrangement

Any advice would be very welcome

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Sooraj Author • Edited

Thank you for pointing out the outdated links. This article was written last year and I think some of it has been changed as per what you have said. I will surely update the document links and add anything new that has changed :). I will consider rewriting this tutorial with the latest docs in a while :)

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Thanks Sooraj. There's some discussion of the issue at