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Discussion on: Company switching to Macs, should I switch my job?

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DISCLAMER: I'm a long time linux user and I can't think of any other plateform I prefer to work/game/other on to.

That being said, truth is, we as programmer use mostly IDE and/or editor + other dev tools.
Mac propose that, the question will more likely be "is your favorite and useful tools be on that plateform". For my case, I found painful to have to work without bash. Hopefully, mac propose that.

Plateforme being ultimately only a small part (even itchy, I give you that) of our daily work, it's not by far the essence of it. You should consider if leaving your current working project/team is worth it over a plateform choice. I believe that if the answer is that you should, then the problem lies truly elsewhere.

It's only my opinion I hope it will help you a little.

As I have already spoke to much, I'll just wish you good luck in your decision, whatever it may be.