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re: Interested too! I also plan on posting some DevOps and Google Cloud specific content soon when I get around to refining it.

That would be great? Are you a GCP pro? been really interested in their offerings but most of my experience has been focused around AWS


Not a pro and far from an expert. I did get my Associate Cloud Engineer cert and I do use it a bit in my day-to-day at my current company. Although I've used AWS and still use it for personal projects, I am starting to be more comfortable with GCP's offerings and services. But each has their strengths and better use cases. GCP does have a pretty good "always free" tier and you do get $300 for 1 year in credit for even personal accounts if you sign up.

Nice! I really should open an account and start playing with their services, and that's pretty generous for new users and personal accounts

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