Where Do Cloud/DevOps Folks Like to Hang Out?

moneerrifai profile image Moneer ・1 min read

Although I enjoy web dev, I am primarily a cloud/devops guy. I have been hanging out here for a few weeks but I don't see a ton of activity around cloud and devops topics.

Wondering where do these folks like to hang out? Anyone interested in trying to grow that community on here with me?


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Excellent! what is your area of interest/expertise?


Linux / AWS / Ansible , currently learning how to automate cloud infrastructure using terraform.
What you think about terraform + ansible ?

I used Terraform in a previous job and I liked it, although we did not have the enterprise version and keeping state was kind of a pain. For the last couple of years I have been heavy into AWS CloudFormation, because we are an AWS shop so it is a perfect use case for us, but I do need to get back to Terraform. I was actually thinking that I recommend to the team we start investigating Terraform.

Ansible: not much experience.

We do a ton of cloud automation by using CloudFormation + Lambda.

Thanks for the insight.my current company not into AWS. They prefer Digital ocean so I use terraform to provision and ansible for configuration. So far no issues.


Yeah, I feel like anything other than webdev is less that evenly represented here. I tend to hang out in the kubernetes, cncf, and gopher slacks, but I plan to make a few devops/cloud specifics posts, so I guess I'm helping lol.


Yeah I am also thinking of good content and posts. Medium used to be a good place to read and write good content, but since everyone left there, I feel that a good replacement has not emerged


The paywalling is what made me leave lol


Interested too! I also plan on posting some DevOps and Google Cloud specific content soon when I get around to refining it.


That would be great? Are you a GCP pro? been really interested in their offerings but most of my experience has been focused around AWS


Not a pro and far from an expert. I did get my Associate Cloud Engineer cert and I do use it a bit in my day-to-day at my current company. Although I've used AWS and still use it for personal projects, I am starting to be more comfortable with GCP's offerings and services. But each has their strengths and better use cases. GCP does have a pretty good "always free" tier and you do get $300 for 1 year in credit for even personal accounts if you sign up.

Nice! I really should open an account and start playing with their services, and that's pretty generous for new users and personal accounts


Would also be interested in discussing how to grow this sub-community of dev. Maybe try to attract users from other communities and from twitter? Suggestions welcome!