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Discussion on: What are your favourite communities?

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Ben Sinclair

I used to hang out around dreamincode which is just as friendly as but organised around an old-style forum. It looks dated but the people are nice.

I like IRC (generally freenode) for specific software.

Even reddit has some nicer parts but it's more of a full-on warren than a rabbit hole and you'll end up feeling you're in Watership Down if I can take the metaphor too far.

I don't use Twitter and Mastodon as much as I used to, and I never really used them much for development-related stuff.

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Maniflames Author

It's funny how devs feel attracted to places that look 'internet old school' 😂.

Reddit is the best place to look for memes imo, pretty sure it will stay that way.

I've heard of IRC but more as a means of getting support. Interesting to know that people actually hang out there.

Thanks for sharing 😁