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re: 1 page. You did it! Keep it that way, FOREVER! I don't care how much experience you have, keep it to one page. I see you used the Pages template....

The thing about keeping it under one page might be good for candidates in the USA (and I'm aware that's where @ryanmdoyle is from...) but elsewhere it's not really the thing.

In the UK for example, we don't really have "résumés", we have CVs, which are usually two pages. I've seen longer, but when I've been expecting CVs, and something lands on my desk that's a single page, I think to myself, "they haven't done much, have they?"

Outside formal layouts (like the EU standard), I think it's a bit of a trap to think that there are rules for these sorts of things. Give the company relevant information in an easy-to-read manner, and don't worry about things like word- or page-count.


FWIW in the states a one page resume can be seen in the same light. People expect multiple pages. Easy to read is key! I totally agree.

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