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Discussion on: Do you have blocklist? Are you on somebody's blocklist?

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Ben Sinclair

I block people on Twitter. I have a large blocklist there because I started off with someone else's and imported it: a few thousand people who are just trolls and spammers.
Twitter's a trolly and spammy place.

I block a bunch of idiots on Quora, mostly because there's no dashboard or anything where you can find out who you block or who blocks you, so whenever I find myself blocked, I knee-jerk block back, so that I don't have to interact with the person again in any way that could end up frustrating me when I go to comment.

I didn't know you could block (or interact in any way with) people on Github. TIL.

I liberally block on the fediverse; I conservatively block on chat (IRC, talkers).

I would block or mute people on if I could. I'd prefer to organise it so that I saw content by everyone apart from the people I don't enjoy, if that makes sense, rather than outright block them. Especially as the main reason I want to block people here isn't because they're fundamentally unsavoury people. Positive filtering is nicer.

I probably use other platforms, but I can't think of them right now. Whatever else I'm on, I have too few interactions for it to be worthwhile.