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Next.js + React + Typescript for me.

I was leaning toward Vue for quite some time but I've found typescript to be super helpful on really large apps. Last time I checked typescript cannot validate the template code the way it can for React jsx. Also Next.js 9 is really an absolutely wonderful platform and super flexible for the smallest to the largest apps. Nuxt for vue is great as well but Next 9 polished off the rough edges in my mind. React hooks have also grown on me considerably.

I do think Vue handles a few things better. The transition component baked in, computed values and watchers, truly reactive style, and event emitters are quite nice and intuitive in this framework.

That being said, I'm watching Svelte intently because I like the compiled approach to a front end framework, however their app framework Sapper is a little green for me to commit to on client projects just yet.

I think it's interesting that as of now, the combo of the front end library with typescript and the node framework is swaying my opinion as well. Typescript is a really nice, low-calorie safeguard for even small projects.

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