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Just a few weeks ago I migrated a React project from Flow to TypeScript. When I set it up I thought using Flow would be ideal since React and Flow are developed by Facebook and they should be made for each other.

I switched to TypeScript because Flow feels not as strict as TS. It lacks some features that I enjoy about TS such as Enums. When compiling Flow does not throw Errors when you write "invalid" code. TS fails and shouts at me which makes it feel "safer" to use. Maybe I did not use Flow correctly. If so, it's probably not as intuitive as TS.


Thanks for your comment :) I did not try out Flow, as it seemed to me more immature than TypeScript. What is important for TS though is to turn on Strict mode IMHO.

All the best, Sebastian


That‘s exactly what I experienced!

Good to know that others think the same 😁

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