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re: Git switch - -detach origin/master Git merge mybranch Git commit Git push origin HEAD:master

git checkout master
git pull
git merge mybranch
git push

Seems simpler.

(Actually, for the second step, I use git up, which does pull --rebase=merges --autostash --prune for even more convenience)

Well I would not recommend this flow in general and suggest pull requests. However the main flow for not having master is optimized for is starting working. Instead of

Git switch master
Git pull --ff-only
Git switch -c mybranch

It is

Git fetch
Git switch -c mybranch origin/master


git fetch
git rebase -i origin/master

instead of

git switch master
git pull --ff-only
git switch mybranch
git rebase -i master

And if you must merge on master, but you don't have a local master.

Git fetch
Git switch -c master origin/master

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