Vue SPA, router guard with redirect after login

Harry Gill on October 10, 2018

Originally published on my blog While making Let's Organise SPA(Single page Application) we bumped into the issue of properly checking Auth and... [Read Full]
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I don't feel comfortable when see direct access to state instead of using getters 🙂


You could just replaced that line with a getter 😜


What did you use to create the flow logic


I think it would be better to store the entryUrl in url query though, because otherwise when the user refreshes the login page, entryUrl will be null again


It seems a little complicated.

What if store initialUrl in vuex (/ by default), set it to first requested url and just redirect to this url after successful login?


That was my first implementation, problem with that is if the user clicks on a link to the app from an email perhaps. I wanted to serve the page if logged in, or remember the link and redirect to login. After that are done, the logic above would serve the desired page.

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