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Discussion on: Who is hiring? (As of September 2018)

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quantilope GmbH | Full Stack Javascript / Frontend React Javascript | Hamburg (Germany) | Onsite

About the company

quantilope has a product which turns the market research industry upside down. An automated self-service platform based on newest technologies delivers professional consumer insights fast as lightning. With the help of this solution, we have already delighted various great brands. Together with established investors, we are ready for the next step and are searching for motivated and excellent recruits who want to become part of our success story.

We are a team of - as of now - 14 developers in 2 Locations (Hamburg and Vilnius (Lithuania))

About the role(s) — languages, requirements, etc (1-3 sentences)

We search for both Full Stack and Frontend (experience with React is a plus) Javascript developers.

For any questions, you can also write me :)

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Murad Biskin

Visa and relocation?