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Who is hiring? (As of September 2018)

This is our monthly thread where community members share openings at their companies.

Here a few ground rules:

  • Please only post if you are personally part of the hiring company (no recruiting firms)
  • Please provide brief background on what your company does
  • Only one post per company (you can list multiple openings in the post)

Consider using this template:

Company Name | Job Title | Location | Remote or Onsite | (optional) Salary Range | Sponsor visa?

About the company — background, size, etc (1-3 sentences)

About the role(s) — languages, requirements, etc (1-3 sentences)

Do you sponsor visas?

How to Apply — email or application link
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We also wanted to share some quick careers-related notes from our fantastic Sustaining Sponsors.

Digital Ocean

At DigitalOcean, we're simplifying cloud infrastructure for developers. Here you'll get to work with some of the smartest and most interesting people around; solving unique and complex technical challenges on a scale matched by few companies. If you get excited about stretching yourself in new ways, developing yourself to your fullest potential, with amazingly supportive friends and colleagues; we want to talk to you!


The Twilio platform enables companies to integrate communications directly into their applications via simple cloud API’s and with on-demand global reach. Great products are built by small teams that work hard, think smart, and move fast. Twilio is hiring across a wide variety of roles, check out all of the openings here.


At Qlik, we love data and believe it can change the world. That’s why we work to make it easier for people to make more insightful decisions and act on them. Our platform delivers solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 48,000 customers worldwide. If you love data too, we are hiring across technical and engineering roles. Check out our openings here!

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ben profile image
Ben Halpern

DEV Community | Senior Engineering Contractor | NYC | Remote or Onsite (or both!)

We make, a social/professional network for software developers. You probably know about it.

We will have more info soon, but I figured I'd make a post here. We have been the same small team for a while, but we will soon be able to make a few hires.

With that, we are looking to hire some "contractors". Because we don't know what our long-term team will look like, we'd like to create some relationships with folks who would like to be paid to contribute to the open source project that is this platform:

We will have a hiring page soon with more info. Salary will be fairly competitive, though I think you'll get paid more at some big tech companies. I can promise that this will be very enjoyable work.

Email me at if you're really excited about this and don't want to wait for our official listing, but it will be up soon.

This will be a good opportunity for anyone who is a) already doing some contracting, b) interested in leaving their current job and looking for something to sink their teeth into while they figure out what's next.

We are a Rails app with Preact on the frontend and would be looking for help in all areas. This is more of a senior role, but we will also come up with some more junior positions as well.

kethinov profile image
Eric Newport

CACI International Inc. | Software Engineers | Rome, NY and others | Remote / Onsite

About the company

CACI's Rome, NY office supports the Air Force Research Laboratory. We develop data visualization software and productivity tools supporting the United States military using a wide range of tech stacks. Basically we write cool software that ranges from bringing old pen and paper military processes into the 21st century to visualizing large data sets in ways that push the limits of modern computer hardware.

About the roles

We're looking for software engineers ranging from entry level to senior developers as well as current students looking for college jobs skilled in one or more of the following:

  • JavaScript (full stack: client-side and Node.js)
  • OpenGL/WebGL
  • Java
  • C++
  • Semantic Web (OWL, RDF/RQL, etc)
  • Visual design
  • *nix skills

Must be a U.S. Citizen. Security clearance requirements per project/team varies. Clearance must be obtained and maintained.


  • Internships and college semester software development co-ops (onsite)
  • Entry-level and mid-level full-time software developers (onsite)
  • Senior software engineers (remote welcome)
  • Senior designer/developer (remote welcome)

How to apply

If this sounds interesting to you, apply at or ping me directly if you have questions at

CACI also has lots of job openings in other locations too. If that sounds more appealing, I will be sad but my employer will be happy. You can find those openings (as well as our Rome, NY office openings) at

theoutlander profile image
Nick Karnik • Edited

Does the company work on obtaining the clearance for us or are we responsible for the process?

kethinov profile image
Eric Newport

The company sponsors clearances.

namirsab profile image

quantilope GmbH | Full Stack Javascript / Frontend React Javascript | Hamburg (Germany) | Onsite

About the company

quantilope has a product which turns the market research industry upside down. An automated self-service platform based on newest technologies delivers professional consumer insights fast as lightning. With the help of this solution, we have already delighted various great brands. Together with established investors, we are ready for the next step and are searching for motivated and excellent recruits who want to become part of our success story.

We are a team of - as of now - 14 developers in 2 Locations (Hamburg and Vilnius (Lithuania))

About the role(s) — languages, requirements, etc (1-3 sentences)

We search for both Full Stack and Frontend (experience with React is a plus) Javascript developers.

For any questions, you can also write me :)

muradbiskin profile image
Murad Biskin

Visa and relocation?

maarten profile image
Maarten • Edited

Build in Amsterdam | Front-end developer | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Onsite

About the company

We are an Amsterdam based design and development agency. We combine strategy, branding and e-commerce, to bridge the gap between digital and physical touchpoints. We work in small international teams of passionate builders — designers, developers, writers and strategists — to create award-winning work for both local and international brands like: Ace & Tate, Adidas, Reebok, Protest sportwear and Mendo.

About the role

We are looking for front-end developers who like to work on award winning cases and want to help us keep setting the industry benchmark.

We expect:

  • Solid programming, software and web development skills in front-end environments
  • Expert working knowledge of HTML, CSS, SASS, CSS3 animations and SVG
  • Expert working knowledge of native JavaScript
  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular or Backbone
  • Knowledge of PHP, MySQL with any modern MVC framework is a plus
  • Experience with build tools like Webpack, Gulp or Grunt
  • Experience with version control systems like Git
  • Experience with e-commerce projects is a big plus
  • Experience with testing and debugging across a variety of popular browsers and devices
  • Knowledge on how to use Sketch
  • An impressive portfolio of past projects
  • A few years experience in web development, demonstrating a genuine passion for the field
  • Strong oral and written English communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity and Flexibility

How to Apply

We look forward hearing from you via

joshichinmay profile image
Chinmay Joshi

Supahands | Senior frontend developer, Frontend developer, Software engineer | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Onsite | Sponsors visa |

About Supahands
Established in Malaysia in 2014, Supahands is a platform that helps companies train their artificial intelligence with a combination of human-intelligence and tech-enabled automation. Together with a remote workforce of over 2,000 individuals across Southeast Asia, we work with clients in the machine learning industry including self-driving vehicles and facial recognition.

–Frontend developer & senior frontend developer
React, Ember

–Software engineer
Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, Python, AWS, SQL.

Do you sponsor visas?

How to Apply?
Apply online on careers page (add my name and in the subject for reference)
Or you can email me your resume/portfolio on

jasonhkennedy profile image
Jason Kennedy

The Zebra | Software Engineers & QA | Austin, TX | Onsite

About the company

The Zebra is the most comprehensive online car insurance comparison platform in the U.S. The Zebra compares over 200 car insurance companies, and with its real-time, side-by-side quote comparison tool, drivers can easily and quickly find the coverage, service level, and pricing to suit their unique needs.

Our team is passionate about working together to solve interesting problems with technical solutions--and having fun doing it. With a team split between Austin and Africa, we know from experience the importance of diversity within Engineering teams, and we work constantly to ensure everyone has a voice and feels valued. Collaboration is key to our success. When we're not working you can find us on a trip to find lunch at a nearby food truck, or playing ping pong in the break room.

About the role(s)

  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Manual QA Specialist
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Software Engineer II
  • Devops Engineer

What we use

These days our stack looks like, but is not limited to:

  • Javascript ES6
  • React
  • Python
  • Django

Do you sponsor visas?

At this time we do not offer visa sponsorship.

How to Apply

For the internship, please email For the other roles, we have links on our careers page!

booyaa profile image
Mark Sta Ana

Made Tech | Academy Engineer | London | Onsite | £25K

Made Tech’s mission is to improve software delivery in every organisation. We work with our customers to deliver modern applications and help them move to a faster, leaner, and more agile software delivery model.

About the Academy Engineer Role

It's likely you will have already developed a love for programming, and you'll be convinced that a career in software development is where you want to go.

You may have taught yourself to code, been on a course or two, or have a degree in Computer Science. You can stitch some code together, but probably have no commercial experience.

Your first 12 weeks is all about learning. Lead by one of our full-time engineers, you'll be sharpening your programming skills and learning all about shipping high quality code in a commercial environment.

Once you've completed your 12 week Academy program, you'll join a project team on a live customer delivery. However, this is far from where the learning finishes. Everyone in the team is heavily involved in ongoing learning, including:

How to Apply: Graduate, Internship, and Apprentice Programs - Made Tech

huongd97 profile image
Huong Dang

This looks like a great program! Are applications open to people outside of England? I'm currently in my last year of undergrad in the States, and this opportunity sounds amazing!

booyaa profile image
Mark Sta Ana

When applying, there's a section regarding eligibility to work in in the UK. You should give it a go!

Thread Thread
huongd97 profile image
Huong Dang

Thank you!

promagne profile image
Pierre Romagné

Ubisoft | Cloud Administrator (Kubernetes) | Montreal, QC. | Onsite (Flexible schedules) |

Ubisoft Montreal, an industry leading developer of video games, located in the heart of Montreal’s Mile-End, offers a unique environment where creativity, teamwork and cutting-edge technology bring to life critically acclaimed video games and iconic AAA franchises.

Life at Ubi Montreal:

We are seeking a Cloud Administrator to develop and maintain our Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management platform within the IaaS team. You may be the right fit for this role if you have:

Experience as an Administrator/DevOps within complex high availability Linux environments;
Experience with CI/CD, Cloud Infrastructures (OpenStack, AWS, Google, Azure), Kubernetes, Scripting (Bash, Python), Source Control, Configuration Management;
A great team spirit, the ability to multi-task, find solutions, communicate effectively & work with integrity.
Sponsoring for work permits available (if eligible).

Apply here:

sandordargo profile image
Sandor Dargo

Amadeus | Software Engineer, Production Definition Analyst, QA Analyst | Nice (France), Boston, MA (USA), London (UK), Sydney (AU), Bengaluru (India)... | On Site

Amadeus is the leading provider of travel software and technology solutions for the global travel industry.

We have lots of products, but the main one is still or Global Distribution System for airlines. Besides we provide solutions for airports, hotels, car rental companies, cruises, etc.

We are looking to hire 500 people this year, so there is a lot of different positions basically all around the world.

If you want to work for Amadeus you'll mostly need C++ or Java knowledge at you'll work on huge distributed systems running on Linux OS.

Why work for us? It's a huge company, you'll always find interesting projects, areas that you can improve, where you can improve.

And don't forget, our biggest development center is on the French Riviera halfway between Nice and Cannes. The weather is stunning, the Mediterranean sea is here and the closest ski station is just 50 kilometres away. You'll also benefit from 6 (in practice about 7) weeks of paid holidays + bank holiday - in France, this varies in other countries.

There is a great relocation package that can help you move here.

How to apply?

Search for a position here, then send its title and your CV to me in a private message. I might be able to send you a referred link, which will help you to get contacted by our HR with a higher chance. Feel free to ask in case you have any questions!

jfinstrom profile image
James Finstrom

Sangoma technologies | PHP/LAMP, JS | Markham, ON, Neenah, WI

I think the current preference is on site but we have a large staff of remote workers so it wouldn't hurt to ask.

We develop end to end solutions for unified communications. The portfolio includes Cloud services, VoIP Telecom, telephony hardware, VoIP phones and more. Sangoma also maintains the Asterisk and FreePBX projects. We are stewards of the largest open source community in the world.

I personally work on the FreePBX development team. There are other jobs listed on the site and we are always looking for awesome people so it may not hurt just to submit a resume and mention what you are looking for. People who know telecommunications, Asterisk, FreePBX, VOIP are encouraged to get in touch.

patricia_dugan profile image
patricia_dugan • Edited

Containous | U.S. based Developer Advocate | USA | Remote |

Containous develops advanced software solutions for companies committed to using container technologies. Our first product, Traefik, is an open source cloud native edge router, with over 300 contributors, 250 million downloads on DockerHub, 18,000 stars on GitHub, and an active and supportive global Slack channel. We are expanding to the United States and are adding a developer advocate who is fluent in a fast growth, startup ecosystem, to the team. This is a high visibility, technical role which will excite those who love building with smart teams and working on open source software. If you’re qualified, passionate about container technologies, and excited about joining a global team, you should apply.

About the role(s) — Please review the job description and apply here:

Do you sponsor visas? No.

How to Apply — follow this link!

Thanks for your interest!

shareef_sts profile image
Sharif • Edited

About the company

Spreetail is a profitable and growing ecommerce company that builds technology, markets products and manages warehouses to offer the best prices on tens of thousands of items. Our purpose is to make a dent in the universe by delighting millions of customers, creating opportunity and wealth for our team, and revolutionizing the communities we touch.
We're hiring for full-time on-site positions in Ausin, TX; Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE
Benefits: health insurance, unlimited time-off, stock appreciation rights, donation match, company trips/events, home purchase bonus, anniversaries vacation/sabbatical

I'm actually software engineer here, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Available positions

  • Principal Software Engineer - 8+ years of experience building and leading teams of software engineers - Apply in Austin, TX
  • Senior Backend Software Engineer - Must have 5+ years .NET or JAVA, SQL or relevant experience. Apply in Austin, TX, Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE
  • Backend Software Engineer - 2+ years of server-side development (C#, F#, Java, Python, etc.) . Apply in Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE
  • DevOps Engineer - CI/CD, containers, app monitoring, powershell/bash - Apply in Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE
  • Front End Software Engineer - all things JavaScript (npm, node, React, Angular etc.) - Apply in Austin, TX
  • UI Designer - strong UI/UX background and experience - Apply in Lincoln, NE Omaha, NE

Do you sponsor visas?

Yes, in some cases.

Browse all Openings —

charliedevelops profile image

Mayden Academy | Software Trainer | Bath, UK | Onsite

Salary: Competitive DOE plus benefits

Location: Bath, BA2

Job Information:

About the job

We are looking for an enthusiastic programmer with great interpersonal skills and a knack for explaining complex technical topics. As a Mayden Academy trainer, your role will be focused on delivering our 16 week coding course, Full Stack Track, to aspiring software developers, acting as a coach, a mentor and a trainer for the students while they learn from you to start their new careers. You will also work with existing trainers to develop the curriculum, assess student applications, run events such as programming workshops for schools and help with the company operations.

In addition to the 16 week course, you will deliver both bespoke and pre-designed workshops for companies across the UK, along with working with the other trainers to develop new workshops and ensure that existing ones are up to date.

About you

You will have commercial software development experience, having worked on real client projects, ideally within an Agile team. You will have helped support your team with difficult problems and be happy helping junior developers. You will have skills in OOP, in particular web based programming using languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will be comfortable programming for the web, with a back-end language, working with current industry standard technologies. Crucially, you will know – or be happy to learn – PHP.

You will have experience with all the usual development tools and languages: Vagrant, Git, Bash, RDBMS as well as experience of methodologies such as agile, pair programming and code review.

Most importantly you will be a friendly, motivated team player who wants to help people. Mayden Academy is all about changing lives. We are a fun, collaborative team with a passion for learning and passing on our knowledge!


Full Stack Track and workshop delivery
Support the academy lead with curriculum development
Work with marketing department on brand development
Technical content creation
Taster session delivery
Student assessment and selection
Support business development with student pipelines
About the company

Mayden Academy trains aspiring software developers in the fundamentals of coding, software design and agile project management. In 16 weeks, we teach our students all they need to know to land their first job as a junior software developer, helping them to kickstart their new careers in programming.

The academy was founded in 2015 by Mayden: a fast growing software company based in Bath. It was created to be a part of the solution to the technical skills gap that is currently impacting industries across the UK. We believe that a combination of practical experience and programming knowledge will prepare our students for entry into the programming industry and we train our students through a mix of classroom style learning and project work.

For the duration of the 16 weeks our students work as an agile team, based in our offices in the beautiful Widcombe Crescent in central Bath.

We pride ourselves on having created a fun and collaborative place to work with a strong sense of social purpose. You will be working alongside award winning trainers and mentors in a relaxed team, with the freedom to craft the role as you see fit and contribute to an exciting, growing company.

You must be eligible to work in the UK

Contact us via: