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People who say that IDE guys without their IDEs are nobody. Are you serious?
Why do you ever need to work without IDE? To work through ssh? There are tools created to get rid of working on server with ssh.

I prefer using Intellij IDEA with IdeaVim installed. Yes, I love Vim and I use it everyday in my console because I'm too lazy to setup deployment and earn some money to update my laptop to use IDEA 100%.

I use advantages of both sides: speed of moving through the code with Vim and code refactoring tools + context-based code completion from JetBrains. I really tried to setup comfortable Vim-based IDE but when it comes to everyday coding - there is nothing better than IDE which works on you.

While I'm writing a code with IDEA, in Vim/Neovim I have to deal with ctags problems, which is too stupid to send me to parent class method because there is a method with the same name in a file which has nothing to do with my current class. I need to setup my environment more and more in Vim/Neovim just to get what I already have in IDE out-of-box? Just to play Lego? No, thanks.

PS: sorry for my lack of English knowledge.

PPS: once again, I love Vim when I need to edit some small files / write little script / work through ssh / as IdeaVim plugin.


thanks for contributing to sanity in this thread!

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