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Discussion on: What Does Your Job Search/Application Process Look Like?

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Nicole Peery 🌵 • Edited on

I keep a "wish list" of companies based on Glassdoor reviews and how they've treated me as a customer or job applicant in the past. And I check their careers site regularly.

I use Trello to track my job applications and to add notes about each job, my job search strategy, and keywords for my resume.

I got tired of wading through spam and scams on job sites, so I keep a subscription and it emails me job matches every day based on my profile. The cost of Flexjobs is worth it to me because it saves me time and lets me discover remote-friendly companies.

Since I'm looking for a remote job, I use a bit of Google Fu to find them. I have a list of sites like,,, etc. and I run keyword searches. remote web developer

Other sites I use:

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Michael Caveney Author

This is great Nicole, there's a lot here I had no idea about! Flexjobs in particular seems pretty interesting.