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I keep a "wish list" of companies based on Glassdoor reviews and how they've treated me as a customer or job applicant in the past. And I check their careers site regularly.

I use Trello to track my job applications and to add notes about each job, my job search strategy, and keywords for my resume.

I got tired of wading through spam and scams on job sites, so I keep a subscription and it emails me job matches every day based on my profile. The cost of Flexjobs is worth it to me because it saves me time and lets me discover remote-friendly companies.

Since I'm looking for a remote job, I use a bit of Google Fu to find them. I have a list of sites like,,, etc. and I run keyword searches. remote web developer

Other sites I use:


This is great Nicole, there's a lot here I had no idea about! Flexjobs in particular seems pretty interesting.


StackOverflow and Glassdoor are my go-to listing sites. If you have some experience, a solid LinkedIn profile will net a few recruitment contacts a week.

I just posted about my recently-completed job hunt. My biggest takeaway was that if you have experience and a good LinkedIn profile, jobs will come.


I just started using Glassdoor, mostly to vet companies and see obvious problem areas, and I don't know how I worked without it before.


Absolutely. It's also a great source for questions to ask during interviews. Sometimes Glassdoor reviews will expose something notably good or bad about an employer. Asking about it either gives them the opportunity to brag about their strong points or to allay concerns about any problems.

One company's reviews talked a lot about acquisitions and reorganizations, so I asked about that.


I look at these sites for reviews and jobs:

I sometimes look at Glass Door, but I usually get depressed after looking at reviews so I tend to only go on there to see salaries.

I also go straight on company websites I'm interested in and see if they have anything I can apply for.

I have never cold messaged someone on LinkedIn from a company I've had an interest in, but I've heard mixed outcomes from that.

No matter what you do in your job search, KEEP A SPREADSHEET! It makes it so much easier to keep track of the jobs you apply for.


This is good advice! I finally started a spreadsheet today to keep me motivated, and to remember where I applied.


When I want a new job, I start replying to LinkedIn messages. I never had the need to personally look for a job, with the market as it is now it finds you instead.

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