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Typed property doesn't mean you should suddenly expose your properties as public and forego getters and setters ! These are two unrelated issues IMHO. What typed properties will allow you to do is replace

 * @var int
private $price;


private int $price;

With the added bonus that it won't be only interpreted by your IDE but also trigger an error if you try and use something that's not a integer when using $price inside your class.

Now if you want to avoid using getters and setters for every single property but still maintain the ability to add validation/mutators/accessors later on, there's an old RFC that would solve this issue by using C# style getters and setters :


Exactly! Docblocks have always been an abomination in my opinion, abusing PHP's metaprogramming flexibilities to create incomplete static analysis tooling for something that needs to be in the language itself.

A comment should be used to communicate to fellow humans, not to tools — that's what the rest of the syntax is for.

First we got parameter & return type hints, which made docblocks much less necessary. I see typed properties as the next major step to liberate us from ugly syntax.

But indeed, whether to use protected /get/set or public is completely unrelated to typed properties.

In many cases, protected fields are advisable.

The difference is that IF you use a public property somewhere (I use them commonly on simple DTO classes), or if a setter method does some (slightly too complicated) mutation, you now get some extra safety...

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