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Nishant Mittal Author

Thanks a lot That's a very descriptive and informative review.

  • The Lighthouse score is something I'm working on.
  • Yeah, I agree that the layout of the cards seems a bit off. I'm of improving that but not now!
  • The content of the pages was just an initial draft and I try to update them whenever I get time!
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perpetual . education • Edited

These are common reactions. You'll have to weigh - if this webpage is at a place where it is 'helping' you - or 'hurting' you.

You can look at Derek's website. It's really simple - and not fancy at all: - but also there isn't anything overtly broken - or much to worry a visitor.

We often start our client projects with just a contact page and some simple typography. Less can be more when you're dealing with clients. Then from there - we build out a style-guide (behind the scenes) / here's a simple example: Gold collective website - with all the modules on one page / and then work out the type on all screen sized etc. THEN - when it's all ready - and we've tested it out with users, we'll make it live.

One time a while back, Derek got a 135k+ job - with just his name and an email address in the top left corner of a really bright website.
Image of @sheriffderek's old website from 2015

Just some things to think about!

"Hi, I'm ___________________ and I really LOVE working on ____________________. Hire me. It'll be fun."

  • goes a long way! Even your bio is pretty great!
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