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Discussion on: TailWind CSS + NextJS = Web Dev ♥️

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Nicolas Torres

Well, I love TailwindCSS too, because it scales in team projects. It gives the developers only the CSS values needed, and makes consistency a breeze. But it has to come with a design system, otherwise it's chaos, and the benefits vs. its compilation time becomes worthless. I've tried to make a commercial website with it, and without clear design guidelines, and it's such a pain to add custom utilities and components (and have to restart the compilation because Tailwind doesn't listen for new files). Just don't set it as a default tool on all your projects :).

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Dev By RayRay Author

Thanks, Nicolas!

I think that building a design system with Tailwind for a company can be really beneficial. But I don't think it needs to be done by adding classes in the HTML but rather use the @apply way.