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Discussion on: My reflections on Golang

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Brad null • Edited on

Hello Deepu, well i dont agree with you. You can do every thing with go. From server to batch to cli to moon landing ;) etc. It is ligtweight, fast et efficient. I am fed up of the same thing again and again : generics, error bla bla...
It is simple just like a mac and you spend less time to thinking on what keyword to use but more on the business code.

People are trying to transpose what they have learned from previous language to go, it is none sense. Go has it Own paradigm.

One thing for sure, it is ok to copy paste in go in some extense. This is what i found And it is fine, i am not shocked when i am doing reviews and see some duplication for sake of simplicity instead of a complex code for kind of generics, go is not a language for framework makers but it is for developers !!!!!

To be honest with you, i habe reborned after i started programming in go, i was so disappointed of other languages and now i enjoy more than ever coding . I have 20 years of experience in programming.


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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

Well, if it works great for you, then great and I'm happy for you.

I didn't say that you can't do things with Go, well you can also do everything with assembly or any other language as well right. One of the reasons for using high level languages is that you don't have to do everything yourself. I don't want to write boilerplate code and that is why I expect some language features. No language is perfect and so is Go, my post is about using what makes you most productive for the given use-case and not about proving how smart one is.