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re: I would recommend xubuntu. I got a second hard rive on my pc with a xubuntu on it and have loved it for reactJS/node/react native and android devel...

wow thank you for a neat personalized explanation. I am looking at xubuntu and it really feels neat and light-weight.

and yeah I would like to share my experience last night that I had so please can you tell something on it?

Also just yesterday night I booted with AntergOS it didn't let me dual boot saying it needs a GPT partition. Then I tried Solus OS and it didn't even recognize itself on the disk. so then I made Fedora bootable and installed it but just after that since I had to turn on the Legacy support on, my Windows 10 disappeared from the grub or boot options.
So then I again live boot with the pendrive to check whether my Windows drives are there on the disk or not. Then I used my Windows Recovery disk and it installed it in a span of 4 hours so now I'm typing to you this on my Microsft Edge Browser (while chrome downloads in background).
I think my dream of starting the development on Linux systems will be shattered so much.
I read articles/blog regarding solving this online but windows needs UEFI method to boot and nothing else.

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