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From my personal experience I'd recommend getting a solid grasp on the fundamentals of JavaScript before diving in to a framework. I was pushed in to learning React with my most recent experience with JavaScript prior to it dating back well over five years. Never having fully grasped the fundamentals of JS, while still being comfortable with programming in general, I could follow the examples and could understand what was happening, but drew a blank whenever it was time to write my own code unassisted.

I went back to the basics and took some Udemy courses on plain old JS. It was absolutely worth it and helped me leverage what I had learned about React.


Thanks for the great reply. :)

One more thing I want to ask is that, should I continue developing and learning PHP and head to OOP and Laravel or just continue my career in JavaScript.


Unfortunately I cant give you any solid advice on that. My personal understanding is that PHP is still relevant, but the general notion about the future of PHP seems to be pretty pessimistic. I cannot speak to the accuracy of that notion as I haven't really looked in to it personally.

I guess you just have to evaluate the situation based on your personal goals. If employment is your goal, research the job market and choose whatever is more likely to land you a job weighing in your personal preferences as you see fit.

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