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Discussion on: Making remote work, work.

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I've worked from home since 2011. Everything you've said is spot-on and would be my own advice.

One thing that I would add is about boundaries. You don't want work life and personal life to affect each other, so that office space is really important. The computer you use for work shouldn't be the computer you use for fun. It can be tempting to bring your work laptop into a common area and watch netflix, or to work on a side project. Don't do that. Because that brings the temptation of checking work emails and messages with it.

Do your side projects on a different computer.

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Barry McGee Author

I take a slightly different view actually - I quite like that I can grab a cup of coffee and sit down to a little coding or email late at night if I fancy it. I like being able to work through messages when I have downtime at the laundrette or wherever.

However, this is not so I can clock up 40/50/60+ hour weeks, it's because that then gives me the flexibility to drop out of my workday if I feel like it.

When I have worked for an extra hour on a Tuesday night, that then gives me permission to take a two-hour lunch on Wednesday.

This means I can do things a lot of my office dwelling colleagues can't like nip out to the barber at 11am on a Tuesday when it's super quiet. This flexibility is one of the great perks of remote working imo.

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Gualtiero Frigerio

While I think it is crucial to have a clean separation between work and personal life I'd love to have the flexibility you're talking about. Finding time to run some errands is really difficult, I don't need to take personal time off too frequently but I'd find that option really useful!

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