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My hacktoberfest journey!!

Due to COVID-19 pandemic i got to spend more time at home obviously because of the virtual classes. During this time i came across the word open-source contribution. Being a curious person i wanted to know more about it and how to begin with it. Read plenty of blogposts, YouTube videos and what not.

All of the above pointed to one direction i.e. "to begin with the open source contribution best is to start with hacktoberfest held in the month of October every year." Waited for the month of October to arrive and until then brushed up my version control skills i.e. git.

So on September 30th i came to know that the contest had started and one can start contributing and that will count towards the 4 PRs which needed to be submitted.

Luckily i was working on a project on github and modified it a bit to add some features that i wanted for my project. Then i thought why not make this idea a PR for that repo and make this count in the fest. So did the changes and created my first pull request. Same day the reply came from the maintainer that he liked the idea and suggested few changes. I made the changes and he asked for some more changes. So this kept on going for like 2 weeks but was finally able to merge this on 14th of that month.

That repo had high number of forks and stars so it was ok the maintainer to be choosey about the details, test condition, environment settings, formatting, etc.

But when this PR was merged it was really like a milestone for me because it was my first PR.

Did my rest of the PRs in between and finally completed it till 30th October (including the maturation time for the PR).

It was my first online contestand that too an open-source one. Really pleased with the experience I received and am looking forward to participate in more events like this one.

P.S. : sorry for the long read but i like writing blogs, do follow me on LinkedIn :


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