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How to tell a Junior Dev that what they've done is wrong?

Hey! Just use a feedback sandwich! First, find something go...

What if you lost everything tomorrow?

I regret lost time doing random things, not thinking what's r...

Understanding Javascript Async Race Conditions

thanks for tip with mutex!

Do we actually need Dev Managers?

Good employee can manage themself. Although when team grow up...

What is HackForChange & why you should join it.

It looks for a nice initiative. Are you planning expand to Eu...

How I overcame My Procrastination

Great article! All points are really practical and worth to r...

Hi my new post

Hello! <3

Developers developers developers


Why choose React for frontend?

React advantage is simplicity. Low entry point make it the fi...

Pro Tips to Search on Google 🔥

Wow, you made my day!

A "Brief" History of the Web Part 4

Really great article! Thanks!

6 tips for mentoring junior engineers

Have you ever encounter junior who really learn slow and repe...

Exploring SolidJS - The Reactive Primitives (1)

Great article! There is so Logic similarity to react, so that...

What my Android app taught me

I love that point about keeping it simple, fully agree. Overd...

VIM - Beginners Guide

Thanks, really handy!

Complete guides to React useReducer() Hook

really great explanation! Thanks!

14 VS Code Shortcuts to Supercharge Your Productivity

Thank you!

6 practical ways to keep procrastination at bay

Great article! I would add something about distractions fro...

You can do more than just console.log()

wow, you made my day! <3

Do you use Docker?

Yes, in my opinion it is really basic tool in a development. ...

What I learned after 10 years of development

From myself I would add "invest into yourself". If you can a...

What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self?

Do you mean health issues has costed you so much?

What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self?

I would tell myself to just stop for a second and think what ...

Have you ever attended pointless meetings?

In my experience I always demand to end meetings with specifi...

Rejected by Facebook

I have feeling applying for a job is gambling. You can be the...

Docker Engine - Deep Dive into Docker.

great explanation, now i get why new Mac architecture (M1) ne...

Git - How to fix a bad commit

thanks, really useful. It's funny that most dev use git, but ...

JavaScript is DEAD 💀

Python would replace javascript with a pleasure.

Difference between let and var


Where do you share your articles to build traffic?

your own website, so google search results either facebook d...

How to manage time? Time management tips for anyone.

Great advices, simple and practical. How do you define "dis...

Top 7 UI libraries and kits for React

What about Ant Design?

Welcome Thread - v81

Hello, it seems the best place to learn new skills!