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Not having a degree for what I do. A former boss told me I'm not a "real programmer." I have an Associate's in computer networking, but I'm employed as a full-time Java programmer. Until I get a Bachelor's in programming, however, I will never be assigned a better title than the super-generic "Web Developer," or so I have been told.


That's really terrible. As a person without a degree in programming, who works in a shop full of programmers without degrees in programming, I'll say that there are organizations that don't think of people that way. I hope you find one!

I admit, we all have the same title "IT Specialist". The feds are not creative about technical job titles. But we are programmers, and system owners, and system architects, database devs, backend devs, fullstack devs - on and on and on.


That's very heartbreaking. I'm curious with the future wave of bootcamps how this has evolved.

Do you have any advice for someone going through something like this? (I know a few people encountering judgement as a bootcamp grad). Thanks!


I wish I did. I have a feeling the mentality will change as the next generation become managers; the stigma will cease to exist as their friends, coworkers, or even they themselves are graduates of bootcamps.


My story is quite similar. I did not enter a college, followed a fuckton of tutorials instead. I haven't found any (affordable) bootcamps either.

From my experience, this is all I can say: do the thing and brag about it on GitHub. When you lack a degree, your experience and knowledge is all you can offer, so prove you are able and trust in yourself.


Whoever told you that you can't advance without a four-year degree is flatout wrong, and if you still report to them, you should consider working for someone who respects you instead. The paperwork being optional is one of the best things about this field. In the past twelve years, I've had maybe three prospective employers care that I didn't have a degree -- including for senior/architect/etc positions -- and each time it felt like a bullet dodged.


Didn't graduate, aside from governments (degrees score more points with visa rankings) nobody cared in the years I've worked.

Sorry you have been told that :-(

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