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"Web Developer," because I don't have a degree.


For that reason, I was once a "Digital Application Specialist." It was something I just made up, because it had to include the word "digital" (since our dept. handled digital marketing) but couldn't have the word "developer," because we weren't in IT. Developers were also exempt (salaried), and I was not.


Do you think the lack of a degree would make it harder to move up in the company, if you wanted to?

Feel free to not answer if your company is watching. 👀


I don't think it should. Maybe there's some arbitrary rule or for sure there's conventional biases and years of interviewing to immediately rule out non-degree holders, but hey, you're already in the company! Go for it! From experience, degree has zero sway once you're in the door, it's more about your contribution, how well you know the company and its path (you can't move up if you're not aware of what they're looking for), and sometimes you have to ask!

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