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re: What surprised you about (web) development? Anything you had different ideas about before?

The first thing that hit me was the revelation that no one knows the solution to problems right away. In hospitality it's usually quite simple how to connect the dots, and I thought development is the same. It took some time for me to realize that I shouldn't hide any uncertainty to look more competent, because it actually just slows my learning process if I don't ask questions. The thing what I had to understand is that we never know how to solve the problems right away. Because the job itself IS actually about figuring out the solutions. Not just executing them. Executing them is easy, everyone can type. :D


It may sound blatantly simple but if you think about it: usually in other jobs you're not there because you are competent at figuring out solutions for a certain problem. You are there to execute some tasks.


Hah, good point. I can relate to that. In a meeting often noone dares to ask clarifying questions, risking they look stupid. But once you get into the habit of not letting details slip, it turns out others had no idea either, and thankful to get things clarified. (See also my unwasted meeting time calculator)

Wow cool. Just noticed you're also Hungarian btw :D

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