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Discussion on: On lowering the bar

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People should be able to say what they think. Then we can all think about it and come to our own temporary conclusions - and continue to have conversations and see things from different (often ephemeral) points of view. That's also diversity.

That being said... the whole idea of "The bar" is nuts. There is no bar. In the end - this job, this industry - is (should be) about Design and humanity and empathy. Most of the jobs have nothing to do with jumping high. The fanciest code in the world (assuming Google has it... right?) CLEARLY doesn't add up to the best products. Maybe if they had a wide variety of people working on them - someone would be honest enough to say "Google: you're getting worse all the time... this stuff sucks..." - this "bar" is just keeping the right people out / which is a very silly business decision - and that's great - because businesses that are silly should probably fail and leave room for good ones. We don't need to "fix Nike" and hail these corporations for "Treating people with decency" - when we really have the power to build our own companies.

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