re: What are the best books you've read so far in 2018? VIEW POST

  • Coders at Work by Peter Seibel. I must admin, I haven't completed it, yet. Still got 1/3 to go, but it's really an amazing book where Peter interviews all time programming super stars like Ken Thompson, Brendan Eich, Donald Knuth and more.
  • Permutation City - A fiction book that can easily leave you stunned, if you are a physics and philosophy geek.

Yup, was just about to recommend Coders at Work. Great, great book! I have Bernie Cosell and Donald Knuth's interviews still to read. And once done, I will go back and re-read all the interviews again. Such a gem that book!

Thanks Petar, about book you share. I like it, the Coders at Work.

I just went ahead and bought Coders at Work, I can't wait to start it! Thanks!

If you're into startups, Founders At Work is fantastic. It is a bit dated though in the startup world.

Nice! I'll have to see how I like coders at work and see if I'll grab this as well. Thank you!

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