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I think your arguments are well thought out and presented, it's sad that this situation still exists after all this time.

Given the nature of our industry, so many comments are 'hit and run' these days, even if they have good intention. I feel that if someone is going to comment on other persons work they should give it some thought and time, and if that time is not available right then either come back and comment or just leave it alone.

I have come across so many great articles on sites that I'd like to comment on, only to find that the comment system is turned off completely, perhaps to prevent this kind of issue from occurring, and I confess I have started to think the same way about my blog. I love and welcome interaction, but not at the cost of moderating less desirable comments, and by that, I don't mean negative, I just mean unhelpful.

It would be great if everyone would stop and think 'am I contributing to the conversation with my feedback' before they do it.

As an aside, I write and share as much as time permits to prevent the lockin and gatekeeper problem. To do that it means I have to write content that is understandable by all levels of experience. In the past, I have had comments questioning why I share so many very basic things.

The answer, in my opinion, is simple, we all have different levels of understanding and that's the beauty of what we do, to share and learn together whilst helping those that need it without judging.them.

The last paragraph is the very reason I have become so fond of compared to other virtual hangouts.

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