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9 ways to be kinder to trans people

Thank you

Web Development Bad Habits to Kick

I always don't satisfy with my website's UI because it looks ...

Switching to Arch Linux

Great list. Thank you for sharing

11 Easy UI Design Tips for Web Devs

Thank you for sharing

Even Senior Developers Have Imposter Syndrome

We are human. Imposter syndrome is normal. But it's just our ...

The Importance of Slowing (Way!) Down as a Junior Software Engineer


❌ You Are Using Emojis The Wrong Way

Thank you for sharing. I don't want to use it in my project b...

Web Accessibility: Improvements on the White House Website

Thank you for sharing

Why Tailwind Isn't for Me

Great post. Thank you for sharing I am not a fan of any frame...

The problem with autocomplete and how to fix it

Awesome. Thank you for sharing

Understanding MVC pattern in Nodejs

Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing

Keeping Git Commit Messages Consistent with a Custom Template

Thank you for sharing

3 experiments with CSS paper effects

Very beautiful 👏

3 JavaScript Features From 2020 That Will Make Your Life Easier

Great post. Thank you for letting me know that I can name the...

A list of actually useful Nocode tools and I am not talking about site builders.

Great list. Thank you for sharing

5 JavaScript "tips" that might bite you back.

I rarely use these tips because they are difficult to underst...

Be brave and build in public

Thank you for sharing. I like your nice illustrations

What I learned from failing my technical interviews

Congratulation on your new job. Great post. Thank you for sha...

CSS Frosted glass credit card

Cool tip. Thank you for sharing

11 Golden Rules for A11Y

Your nice list has accessibility in it. The items are numbere...

caret-color CSS property

That's really weird

Robust NodeJS Deployment Architecture

I have a lot of things to learn from this post. Thank you for...

How One Developer Recreated AirDrop Using Just JavaScript

Great. Thank you

Stop Memorizing! : The #1 Advice I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

Programming is a large topic. We can't learn all of it. The b...

52 Virtual Cups of Coffee: A Developers Journey for Navigating Uncertainties

Awesome. I look forward to what you learn after the call

7 Pieces of Advice to be a Successful Software Engineer

Thank you for sharing. I think LinkedIn is a wonderful platfo...

The Anatomy of package.json

The bin key is cool. Thank you for sharing

Six Principles Your Resume Should Follow - So Recruiters Will Read It

Nice tips. Thank you for sharing

5 Things I Learned by Asking Developers One Question

Thank you is the easiest response to everything. Great tips. ...

How to Stand Out as Developer?

Your content is very helpful. I think it is valuable to every...

How to Stand Out as Developer?

Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing

Stop Using "data" as a Variable Name

My native language is not English. I sometimes can't find a n...

I wrote a DAILY blog post for 100 days, here's what happened...

Sometimes, I find it is hard to complete a piece

Accessible, Smooth Scroll-to-top Buttons with Little Code

Great tip. Thank you for sharing

I wrote a DAILY blog post for 100 days, here's what happened...

Great post. I started publishing blog posts in July. I only p...

Why Older People Struggle In Programming Jobs

Your experience and perspective are so valuable. Thank you fo...

An Introvert's Personal Guide to Tech Twitter

Thank you for sharing great tips, Sarah

5 ways to refactor if/else statements in JS functions

JS has more useful features that make my life easier when wri...

Quick tutorial CSS tip: How to show source code the easy way

Great tip. Thank you for sharing

Clean up your code by applying these 7 rules ⚡️

Thank you for sharing. I don't use the comment for my code. I...

Why You Should Start Contributing to Open Source Software Right Now

I like OSS because I can express my creativity, learn from th...

How to deal with rejections and failures

Every experience gives us a lesson. Whether you succeed or fa...

How rejection can make your life better?

You're welcome. Glad you like it

How I developed and deployed my optimized website within a day

Thank you

5 Tips for successful blogging ( + 1 to build a solid personal brand)

Great tips and trolls. Thank you for sharing

How I developed and deployed my optimized website within a day

Can I use your starter to create a Gridsome starter?

How to Give Good Compliments

Thank you for your post. Giving a good compliment to someone ...

I Wish I Never Learned to Code

Your post is interesting. I like the meme of continuous learn...

How I developed and deployed my optimized website within a day

The starter is nice and simple. Really like it

How I remember everything I learn

I have heard about Digital Garden very much recently but don'...

How the browser renders a web page

Thank you. Your post is interesting

5 Techniques I Use To Manage Stress As A Software Engineer

Your post is really good. I usually take a 10-minutes break a...

Project Loo: the best time-wasting, amazing, over-engineered project of my life

The story is hilarious. Thank you

Hey Developer, Go get a life!

Thank you for your post, Maulik. I sometimes remind myself to...

How I lost 1 year of life doing failed crypto startup

Your story is great. I belive that you had wonderful experien...

Quit Your Job By Growing Online Presence: An Effective Way To Take Control Of Your Life

Great content and advices. Thank you

I like being lost

Yeah, I know. That feeling is awesome

The worst captcha ever, Squat captcha!

You're welcome

The worst captcha ever, Squat captcha!

I think workout is better than snack bar

VS Code Shortcuts That I Would Teach Myself if I Had a Time Machine With Limited Fuel

In my vscode, I use Ctrl+Tab to navigate between tabs