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Discussion on: Which Linux distro is most stable for daily use?

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Prathamesh Mali

I started with ubuntu used it for a while then in June 2020 I started using popOs its very stable and better than ubuntu hi wise and other things considered. But it's also an ubuntu based Distros there's nothing bad about debian based Distros but they are very bloated so I searched for minimal linux Distros and then I've found out about manajro i3 community version and its hella confusing at the start when I started using it in vm but in November 2020 I decided to dive into manajro i3 version, basically it's an arch based distro the aur is just amazing you can build the software from source just using makepkg -si , it's great learning experience I learner how to maintain an arch sysytem while using this distro then in 2021 I switched to archlabs it's the closest to arch or vanilla arch it's vary minimal only uses below 500mb of ram when booted up I feel that if you can start with manjaro (kde versions) it's beautiful and stable and youll also get a chance to use arch based distro which is less intimidating. Learn your way though pacman and other things learn about window managers like i3 openbox then switch to a minimal distro. Watch distrotube and lukesmiths youtube channel for recommendations.

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Madza Author

Thanks for the insight! 🙏❤