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I always enjoy a good book recommendation, so thanks a lot for this post!

One question popped into my head, from the reader's perspective more than just the coder's one: what's your position about e-books? I do enjoy having the actual book in my hands while reading it, but being constantly on the road, I've had to rely on e-readers and tablets. However, getting the opinion on the matter from a fellow book lover is very insightful.


Thanks for your comment, Nicolas! I'm glad you liked it!

I completely understand you. In fact, I used to feel like that. I used to buy a few books every month and I avoided e-books most of the time. I liked the touch of paper books, I liked their smell. I still do.

But the moment came when I moved to another country. Then in a couple of years, I changed flats again...

I only read e-books now..., except for the ones I borrow from my company's library. I try to avoid making extra work for myself by buying more paper books :D

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